Emma Chamberlain

Kaleb Marshall—The New York Times/Redux

Before Emma Chamberlain posted her first video in 2017, on-trend YouTubers were likely to edit out burps and farts. But now that the 18-year-old has amassed 8.5 million subscribers and 900 million views (and counting) on the platform, the unfashionable is in vogue. Showing off acne and highlighting mundane moments like badly needing an iced coffee are hallmarks of vlogs by Chamberlain, whose editing style spawned a subgenre of young creators following her lead. And while fame, a high-profile visit to Paris Fashion Week and a friend in model-entrepreneur Karlie Kloss could change her trajectory, Chamberlain says YouTube remains her home. “That’s what I’m passionate about,” she says. “I think people are going to just hopefully see me maturing into an adult.” —Rachel E. Greenspan


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