Lili Reinhart

Jared Siskin—Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Lili Reinhart is a born leader. When we first met her, we were immediately drawn to her genuine spirit. Her observant and soulful presence translates into her voice as an actor, but also the confidence she possesses in speaking her mind. We’d known about Lili because of her role as Betty Cooper on Riverdale, and we were even more drawn to her when we saw how she used her experiences to advocate for mental health and body-image awareness. Her empathy and truthfulness have grounded her and helped her navigate the difficult world in which she works. It is such a pleasure to watch her use her agency in order to effect change. We look forward to seeing the many ways in which she will use her honesty and openness in order to help others in the future.

The Mulleavy sisters are fashion designers and the founders of Rodarte

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