Singer Khalid
Erik Madigan Heck—Trunk Archive

I was first introduced to Khalid through his 2016 debut single, “Location.” It kept showing up in my life, and I thought, “This song is so good—so understandable, emotional and soulful. Who is this?”

Khalid is totally unique. He’s a beautiful writer with the ability to take human concepts and make you understand and feel them. He has a full, powerful voice that is somehow unassuming and smooth at the same time. He’s accessible—almost like you’ve met somebody like him before, although there’s nobody else like him. He has his own style, and I think we’re all hungry for individuality right now.

I love that his first album didn’t have any features. It’s a beautiful, powerful statement: “Here I am. This is me.” I’m excited that he is so clear about who he is right now, and I hope he continues to trust that instinct. He has a beautiful journey ahead of him, and I hope he accomplishes things he can’t even imagine yet.

Keys is a Grammy-winning musician

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