How a Donald Trump Supporter and Hillary Clinton Voter Manage to Keep Their Marriage Together

He’s a Republican. She’s a Democrat. Are they a house divided or an example to us all?

[video id=sd5aLsuF ]

As a divisive election comes to a close, perhaps no one will be more relieved than couples who part ways at the polls. This video features a Pennsylvania couple who are taking opposite sides in this year’s contest—and remain happily married.

While most Americans share their spouse’s political views, purple couples are not as uncommon as we might think. A study by Eitan D. Hersh of Yale University and Yair Ghitza of Catalist, “Mixed Partisan Households and Electoral Participation in the United States,” reveals that 30% of married households are made up of voters who share a life but not a political identity.

Personal relationships can make partisanship less corrosive. Many Americans are building a shared future across party lines. Why not our divided House—and country?

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