Gina Rodriguez

time 100 2016 Gina Rodriguez
Bret Hartman

A star who’s down to earth

I first became aware of Gina Rodriguez when she was just starting out starring on Jane the Virgin and a friend sent me an article in which she mentioned me. Aside from being flattered, I was struck by her healthy regard for herself—and now that I know her, I continue to be impressed by this confidence, which I never felt at her age. Whenever she talks about herself or about being Hispanic, she’s sending the message “I deserve this, I work very hard, and I’m a good person.” I can say that about myself now, but I’m 84! That she can do that with such confidence and élan at her age imparts an enormous amount of inspiration to young people.

Gina is a young woman who knows her true north and orbits in a galaxy all her own. On top of that, she is talented, hardworking, socially conscious, salty, charming and raucous!

How fine that, in my lifetime, I’m witnessing such an inspiration for the new generation.

Brava, you lovely girl!

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