Lester Holt

time 100 2016 Lester Holt
Mary Ellen Matthews—NBC

A trusted presence

Watching the nightly news from space can be kind of a disturbing experience because you are so detached from Earth. Having been on the International Space Station during this crazy election season made me think, Seriously? What are you people thinking down there? So it’s good to have someone you can turn to for news that you know is not biased. Lester Holt is that person. He seems trustworthy, more than anyone else on television, and I know firsthand that he works hard: in addition to being a viewer, I’ve been interviewed by Lester on many occasions. He always does his homework, so his questions are thoughtful and insightful. He doesn’t take his privileged position in our country for granted, and he doesn’t insert himself into the story. People liked Walter Cronkite because they trusted what he had to say, and Lester is from that same mold.

Kelly is a retired American astronaut who returned to Earth in March after a year in space

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