James Comey

time 100 2016 James Comey
Bill Clark—CQ Roll Call

21st century crime fighter

Few individuals have the experience, integrity and composure to lead our nation’s domestic intelligence and security bureau. Jim Comey does.

As a federal prosecutor after 9/11, he developed major cases against international terrorists but also insisted on fidelity to the rule of law. Overseeing an agency that originally focused on crime and corruption, today Comey is tackling some of our nation’s most public and problematic global security challenges, including international terrorism and emerging cybersecurity threats.

Change has brought both opportunity and barriers to the FBI. But whether he is confronting ISIS, collecting evidence and investigating crimes in the digital age, or managing the investigation of a former Secretary of State currently running for President, Jim Comey approaches each problem with determination, energy and an unwavering integrity.

Chertoff served as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security from 2005 to 2009

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