Riccardo Tisci

time 100 2016 Riccardo Tisci
François Mori—AP

Fashion’s agitator

What does it take to be an influencer in 21st century fashion?

Of course, you have to be incredibly creative, to have a vision and the strength to see that vision through.

But you need something more.

You need to be an agitator, a rebel, someone who pushes boundaries and defies convention, someone who brings together fashion with art and other cultures.

That is what makes Riccardo Tisci one of the most important figures in fashion right now.

I am so proud of Riccardo and everything he has achieved at Givenchy as well as all his other work.

The next generation of fashion is so important to me. I love to watch the next big stars develop and to help nurture them whenever I can.

Riccardo is so brave and fearless, I sometimes think he must have Versace blood somewhere in his body. He is more than just a friend to me—he is family.

Versace is the artistic director and vice president of the Versace Group

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