Top 10 Viral Videos

  • Duck army

    That’s the nickname for a 9-second video of a bin full of honking rubber ducks (though some say geese) that make a horrifying, wailing sound when Norwegian mechanic Kevin Synnes presses down on them all at once. A Vine user aggregated a version of it that has been played on loop more than 134 million times and sparked memes like spoofs of SpongeBob SquarePants and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Naturally, Mythbusters host Adam Savage became obsessed with the squeaky toy and wrapped about 10 of them in a plywood case, an invention billed as a “duck bomb.”

  • When kiss cams go wrong

    In what seems to be either the perfect moment or a carefully orchestrated stunt, a woman kissed the guy next to her when her “date” refused to give her one on the Kiss Cam. This clip from the Jan. 8 New York Knicks-Houston Rockets game boasts over 24 million YouTube views to date.

  • Bears take a dip

    This family of bears made themselves at home in a human family’s backyard pool in Rockaway Township, N.J. Tim Basso filmed the scene from a window of his house as the party animals took a dip in the pool and attempted to “play” with some of his children’s toys. His three videos boast more than 7 million views.

  • Principal announces snow day in ‘Let It Go’ parody

    Matt Glendinning, Head of School at Moses Brown School in Providence, RI, announced a snow day with a parody of the hit song from Frozen “Let It Go.” It’s aptly called “School Is Closed” and boasts more than 3.7 million views on YouTube.

  • Reporter breaks kids’ heart on the first day of school

    Four-year-old Andrew Macias started crying when KTLA’s Courtney Friel asked him if he’d miss his mom during his first day of school in a heartwarming moment that racked up more than 18 million views on Facebook.

  • Shia LaBeouf’s motivational speech

    Fast-forward to the 9-minute mark, and watch the actor stand in front of a green screen and start screaming “Do it!…Just do it!…Make your dreams come true!” The performance piece is part of a collaboration with fine arts students at the London art school Central Saint Martins. It sparked numerous memes after its May 2015 debut, such as a fake TED Talk and TV infomercial.

  • Broadcaster forced to improvise weather report

    FOX 10 Phoenix’s weatherman Cory McCloskey stayed cool when a technical glitch displayed dangerously hot temperatures on his weather map. The clip picked up more than 16 million views on YouTube and Facebook.

  • Canadian Parliament candidate’s wacky campaign ad

    Canadian small business owner Wyatt Scott, who ran for Parliament as an independent, may not have won his election, but he won the popular vote on the Internet with this June ad. The clip shows him riding a Canada goose, fist-bumping with aliens and slaying a dragon with a sword to represent constituents of Mission Matsqui Fraser-Canyon in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

  • Barack Obama uses a selfie stick

    In a video for BuzzFeed, the president wielded a selfie stick to remind 20-somethings to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The clip racked up more than 57 million views on Facebook in a few days.

  • Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres dance to ‘Uptown Funk’

    Move over Michelle Pfeiffer. The actress may be name-dropped in the hit song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, but Michelle Obama is the one who made the dance moves from the music video come alive on a March episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The First Lady’s appearance marked the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign to raise awareness about active, healthy living and combat obesity in the United States.

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