The Best Panoramic Photos Taken With Drones

SkyPixel's recent contest celebrated the best panoramic photography captured via drone. The shots show views of landscapes and cities.

The Top Panoramic Photos Taken With Drones

1st Prizeoseoseyo

While drone competitions tend to focus on stationary images or video, SkyPixel’s latest contest combines a little bit of both.

The website, which is a Flickr-like platform for drone photographers, recently called for artists to submit their best 360-degree images taken with drones as part of its 360° Panorama Contest. Most of the winning selections are outdoor aerial shots that provide a panoramic view of different types of landscapes ranging from cities to beaches and mountains.

The pieces featured in SkyPixel’s contest show that there’s opportunity for 360-degree photography to enable new types of art. As 360-degree cameras and drones become cheaper and more accessible, we’re bound to see more similar creations emerge. Explore the winning shots below by moving your mouse cursor or finger around the image.

Click and drag cursor to move around panoramas.

2nd Prize—梁 新建
The second place winner took this panorama at the Ziyuan Bajiaozhai mountains, located between the Hunan and Guangxi counties in China

3rd Prize—Stanislav Sedov
Third place winner Stanislav Sedov captured this view of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sedov, who works with the nonprofit virtual tour website AirPano, also credits his colleague Dmitry Moiseenko for his help in capturing the winning shot.

2nd Brilliant Prize—Jeevay Yang
Jeevan Yang, one of the five winners of SkyPixel’s Brilliant prize, took this panorama during sunrise at Australia’s Gold Coast.

4th Brilliant Prize—林夕相心
This 360-degree snowy view also won SkyPixel’s Brilliant prize and was captured above China’s Jiuhua Mountain.

5th Brilliant Prize—金陵老虾
Another winner of the Brilliant Prize, this shot overlooks the busy Xinjiekou district in the city of Nanjing in China.

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