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Latest Tweets on Fallout from Iran’s Election

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Steve_Herrmann In a slightly circular way I’ve posted on the BBC Editors blog about how we are linking to Twitter on the #iranelection

MushroomheadEd RT @dlayphoto: RT @NJDemocrat: Foreign press ban? Not in the age of twttr. That’s so 20th century #iranelection & they said twttr was a joke

sonrivers Obama: “I stand strongly with the universal principle that people’s voices should be heard and not suppressed” #iranelection

IranaRN RT Doctors & nurses protesting in a major hospital in Tehran.

dmcnelis I wonder, seeing what is going on with twitter and the #iranelection, what would #TiananmenSquare have been like if Twitter was around then.

soundofthecity Iranian Filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi on Ahmadinejad’s Repressive Regime, the #iranelection, and the Youth of Tehran

morgansdogs Wonderful article capturing the extraordinary feeling of what is going on in Iran! Read this!! #IranElection

OutreachNuMedia Tweetng out of Iran #iranelection

Crazy_Julie RT @Iran: nearly 4000 of mosavi’s supporters are sitting silently in Azadi st. 18.30 pm. Tehran #iranelection (via @twazzup)

stevelabate RT @BreakingNews Iran has restricted all journalists working for foreign media from reporting on the streets, says AP. #iranelection

jeg1972 Reuters : ISNA news agency said100 people were arrested in unrest near a university in the southern city of Shiraz. #IranElection #Iranians

btx91 helpful info RT @protestorhelp Cars are not bulletproof, bullets will ricochet around and under. Use walls for safety. #iranelection

Iran_hotspot My friend just came up from downstairs apparently some of the shots killed at least 8 ppl downstairs so bloody and the driver is dead #ritt

JoashMencias RT @mikepfs: RT Had 2 come back inside plain clothe are forcing us 2 stay inside or death will result pls retwt #iranelection #gr88

Iran_hotspot car exploded when it hit the wall of the dorm house next to mine don’t know whos injured or who crashed

stellarrose83 SOUTH KOREANS wear green 4 Iran Korea World cup game 6/17 in Korea 2 show support 4 Iranians. #iranelection

Iran_hotspot: Had 2 come back inside plain clothes are forcing us 2 stay inside or death will result

restruct VERIFIED DEATHS RT frm Iran: 12 students reported killed in #iranelection crackdown

innernumb RT Soak clothes in water to aid in stopping tear gas. Don’t throw tear gas canisters barehanded, they will burn you. #iran9

tidewaters RT @ChrisAlbon: Verified AHMADINEJDAD RUNS TO RUSSIA, LEFT IRAN #iranelection #iran9 <= Can his return be prevented?

Iran_hotspot Oh there is shooting outside my dorms pray that no one else dies there have been enough deaths the militia need to be stopped

rbcalvin RT @allahpundit: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm: Members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard arrested?

jennyrae RT from Iran: If u r outside Iran, change ur location timezone to Iran/Tehran (GMT +3:30) make it harder to track Iranians #IranElection

jerrannacan Awesome- Twitter rescheduled maintenance due to #IranianElection

iran09: RT Iran: Riot Police in Iran are 5000 Lebanese Hezbollah militants, they chomping people in Persian with Arabic accent #iranelection

IranRiggedElect: Basij shooting in Tehran, ppl chanting “Don’t be scared, we’re all together.” #iranelection

eremiahabrams RT @habibsaher: murder at Azadi square, they are shooting at people, 3 dead, please help! #IranElection

erikthedane RT @persiankiwi: confirmed — it was unprovoked attack by Baseej. People running to hide everywhere in streets around Azadi. #Iranelection

dewdropper RT @DellaAtlanta: RT @StopAhmadi: BBC Persia just mentioned Twitter! That’s me, you, and everyone else! #iranelection

NextRevolution @oklahomared friend shot in upper thigh by basij militia on motorbike 2 dead tehran.. thank you death to the dictator #iranelection

Obrell86 #iranelection is swamped… 5k queued tweets

dansinker RT @persiankiwi: streets very dangerous now. groups of militia on motorbikes searching for protesters. #Iranelection

Iran_Updates 9:42 in tehran everyone yelling allaho akbar on roof tops. #iranElection

Darkflower59 RT @persiankiwi: we have decided not to go out now and wait to see if situation calm down. #Iranelection

sullydoug RT @IranElection09: #iranelection #tcot Footage from today’s rally:

erikthedane RT @demotix: Citizen journalist photos from Iran #iranelection

anneleer reports of machine gun fire & army shooting civilians in Azadi Sq. situation very volatile — dangerous night ahead #iranelection

NextRevolution @oklahomared it is indeed sick…doesnt anyone care? Iranians want freedo mnow! #iranelection

motowngrrrl Dissent in Iran regime? CNN reports police in Iran are standing by, not attacking protesters on order of government. #IranElection

marcoschreuder RT @JNSMALL Twitter is to the Iranian protests as CNN was to Baghdad in 1991: #iranelection #CNNfail

jasondelacruz #iranelection sev reports of pro-govt militia firing on protesters, AP photog reports one protester dead (via @jimsciuttoABC)

Guillaume_W RT @persiankiwi confirmed — it was unprovoked attack by Baseej. People running to hide everywhere in streets around Azadi. #Iranelection

pkdub the revolution will be twittered — RT @ParkerFathi: TheBigPicture’s amazing photos of #IranElection

_DavesLab Moussavi addresses supporters in Tehran: Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi addresses thousands of s.. https://bit.ly/rApWB

jshalvi RT @nprnews: By Events Death Reported At Tehran Rally; State Dept. ‘Deeply Troubled’

arasmus @StopAhmadi @persiankiwi Can we get photos of the reported shooting by Basiji police at Azadi Square in Tehran?

doener RT @StopAhmadi NEWS: Woman CONFIRMED shots were fired in Tehran, 5 ppl got shot, 4 ppl died #IranElection

MoraJamesLaw RT @persiankiwi: we estimate marchers today were 1 million ++. #Iranelection

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