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Marissa Anderson, Marengo, Iowa

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I’m starting to worry about grades because everything goes on your permanent record. Your schedule is so out of whack that both you and your parents are getting stressed and

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  • tired with all the sports and extracurricular activities. Your hormones are just starting to kick in, and you yell at your parents, teachers and friends about things like homework, picking up your room or just frustration,, so they’re thinking, “Who is this crazy person?”

    Oh, and the chores! I think every kid my age hates chores: cleaning your room (I mean, it’s my room—why can’t I just leave it how I like it?), feeding and taking care of pets, and lots more.

    Otherwise, being 13 is awesome. You are starting to do everything yourself, go wherever you want, go on dates, go shopping. I love to do all that stuff, and my favorite pastime is taking photographs. I live in a Victorian-style house that my parents built themselves. It’s on a 45-acre property in Marengo, Iowa. The house is on top of a big hill, so there are lots of opportunities for interesting pictures. The summer for me is awesome. I get to go to College for Kids—an enrichment program at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, county fair, state fair, go swimming, hang out with my friends and play sports. Everyone who is 13 is looking forward to turning 14, then 16 because they will be able to drive!

    I love being 13, but it can be bad. When it is, I just relax and take a deep breath and say, “I’ll only be 13 once!”

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