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Milestones, Nov. 12, 1934

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Born. To Prince Gustaf Adolf, 28, eldest son of Sweden’s Crown Prince, and Princess Sibylle of the house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha: a daughter; in Stockholm. Name: Margaretha Desiree Victoria. Tall, tennis-playing King Gustaf is the only great-grandfather among Europe’s reigning kings.

Engaged. Elizabeth Dole, 23, daughter of James Drummond Dole, founder chairman of Hawaiian Pineapple Co. and aviation patron (Dole Flight, 1927); and David H. Porteus, Harvard Law student.

Seeking Divorce. Katharine Swift (“Kay”) Warburg; from James Paul Warburg, 38, vice chairman of Bank of the Manhattan Co., onetime New Dealer and Undersecretary of the Treasury, monetary adviser to the U. S. delegation to the 1933 London Economic Conference, co-author with his wife of musicomedy lyrics (the first Little Show, Fine and Dandy), son of the late Paul Moritz Warburg; in Reno.

Died, William Kroger, 79, brother and onetime partner of founder Bernard Kroger of Kroger Grocery & Baking Co. (chain stores); of angina pectoris; in Asheville, N. C.

Died. Edward Wellington Backus, 73, Minneapolis lumber & paper tycoon (Backus-Brooks Co.) ; suddenly, of heart disease; in Manhattan, which he was visiting on business. Taken to the prairies as a child during the Civil War, he started in business with 3,000 borrowed dollars, eventually ruled a $100,000,000 empire that included banks, power, telephones, railroads. Unable to refund a bond issue in 1931, tall, tough President Backus lost control. Last January he fiercely started a comeback in the form of a suit to dismiss his receivers for mismanagement (TIME, Jan. 22).

Died, Gaston Menier, 79, French Senator and chocolate tycoon; in Chateau de Noisiel, his estate near Paris. In 1896 he bought for $160,000 Anticosti Island, big as Connecticut, at the mouth of the St. Lawrence, “commuted” to France in his yacht, was feudal overlord of 500 families until the island was sold in 1921 for $6,000,000.

Died. Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, 89, Paris banker, patron of art, science, sport and Jewry, last of the grandsons of old Mayer Amschel Rothschild who founded the great five-branched banking dynasty; of old age; in Boulogne-sur-Seine, near Paris.

Died. Rev. Dr. George Unangst Wenner, 90, oldest U. S. minister in point of service; of heart disease and arteriosclerosis, shortly after celebrating the 66th anniversary of his ordination (TIME, Nov. 5); in Manhattan.

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