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Person of the Week
As a voice of moderation in foreign policy, he has lately seemed the odd man out in the hawkish Bush administration. But after gaining a bit of rapprochement with “axis of evil” member North Korea and scoring $50 million in anti-terror aid for Indonesia at last week’s asean meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell regains credibility

“Now it’s time to take their yachts, Lamborghinis and ski chalets. Crooks don’t deserve to keep what they steal.”
U.S. congressman, celebrating the signing into law last week of new measures designed to crack down on corporate fraud

“Thank God I have theater for my therapy. If I don’t have theater, I would take a gun and shoot many people.”
Arab-Israeli actor with the Arab-Hebrew Theater in Jaffa, an actors’ group committed to partnership between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, on his divided feelings

“One of the things I learned in Vietnam is that if a terrorist doesn’t lose, he wins.”
U.S. senator, grilling Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on America’s continued failure to capture Osama bin Laden

9/11: The Secret History
August 12, 2002
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Person of the week

Milestones Top Headlines

45 million people are using the Internet in China nowonly the U.S. and Japan have more people online- according to a survey released by the Chinese government
3 years is how long it would take Iraq to develop a functional nuclear weapon from uranium it already possesses, a former Iraqi nuclear engineer told the U.S. Senate last week
$355.4 billion has been allocated for U.S. defense in this years budget, a 10% increase over last years total
14 men could face the death penalty if convicted of involvement in the June gang rape of a woman in Pakistan
1.1% is how much the U.S. economy grew in the second quarter of 2002, a sharp drop from the 5% growth recorded in the previous quarter

British scientists predict that 2002 will be the warmest year on record as a direct result of global warming, which has already raised the earths average temperature for the year by 6C

China’s president finally gets invitation to Dubya’s Crawford ranch in Texas. Bush will teach him how to lasso terrorists one-handed
One-legged swimmer makes finals in Commonwealth Games. For her next trick, she’ll do it with one hand tied behind her back
Singer tops U.S. charts with The Angry American album. International version, Arrogant Annoying Americans, is in the works
Pop princess cuts short Mexico tour after giving press the finger and ending a concert early. Charm school is finally paying off
Supermodel battles with a tabloid over drug abuse allegations. The first step: admitting your lawsuits have become unmanageable
Fresh from rehab, Supremes diva cancels the remainder of her summer tour. Drag queens around the world cry into their kiwi martinis

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