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Milestones, Jul. 6, 1953

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Married. Ann Blyth, 24, cinemactress (Mildred Pierce, The Great Caruso); and Dr. James McNulty, 35, Los Angeles obstetrician and brother of Singer Dennis Day; in North Hollywood, Calif.

Married. Archduke Rudolph, 34, Swiss-born youngest son of the late exiled Habsburg Emperor Charles I of Austria (1887-1922) and Wall Street junior executive; and Xenia Czernichev-Besobrasov, 24, Smith-educated daughter of an exiled czarist count; in Tuxedo Park, N.Y.

Died. Lillian Lamont MacMurray, 45, wife of Cinemactor Fred MacMurray, 44, (Double Indemnity); of a heart ailment; in Santa Monica, Calif.

Died. Colonel Joseph Ingham Greene, 55, editor and general manager of the Army’s unofficial trade publication, Combat Forces Journal (circ. 29,400), and its predecessor, Infantry Journal; of a heart attack; in Newark, N.J.

Died. James Percy Shields, 64, head of the independent Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (59,700 members) since 1950; of a heart attack; in Cleveland.

Died. Ernest Ivison Pugmire, 65, national commander of the Salvation Army since 1944 (TIME, Dec. 26, 1949); of a heart attack on the street not far from the army’s headquarters in Manhattan. A devoted, efficient administrator, Pugmire rose through the ranks to head first the U.S. Eastern Territory, then all 225,000 Salvation Army members in the U.S. Nominated to lead the worldwide organization in 1946, Old Campaigner Pugmire turned down the offer because of an ailing heart, continued to direct the annual spending of more than $18 million to uplift America’s wayward and comfort her poor.

Died. Willis Smith, 65, freshman Democratic Senator from North Carolina; of a heart attack; in Bethesda, Md. In 1950, entering a four-way primary race for the U.S. Senate, Corporation Lawyer Smith waged a bitter campaign against the incumbent, Fair Dealer Frank P. Graham, “to save America from the social planners and plotters,” won an upset by 20,000 votes. In Washington, Newcomer Smith became an investigator on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Died. Dr. Frank Howard Lahey, 73, internationally famed surgeon and founder of Boston’s Lahey Clinic; of a heart ailment, 17 days after he assisted in a bile-duct operation on Britain’s Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden; in Boston.

Died. Mary Anderson, 87, who invented the first patented windshield wiper (1903), a hand-operated device for streetcars; in Monteagle, Tenn.

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