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Miscellany, Aug. 4, 1952

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A Man’s World. In Syracuse, N.Y., after Deputy Sheriff Arthur Willis stopped a car for speeding and found its four women passengers naked from the waist up, the driver explained: “Well, men drive barechested, don’t they?”

A Prevalence of Riches. On Block Island, R.I., Volunteer Fire Chief J. C. Dodge reminded subscribers that they had contributed too much money to his department last year, declared that half of their 1951 contributions would be plenty this year.

Rainbow’s End. In Springfield, Ill., Mel Kampe won the big drawing at a local picnic, commented breathlessly: “Man! I never won anything in my life,” wondered what to do with his twelve tons of stone.

All in the Family. In Houston, after her husband shot at her two-month-old kitten and had to be routed from their apartment by police with tear gas, Mrs. Robert Ernest Chandler explained: “He was just drunk—he really loves that kitten.”

Price of Fame. In Hastings, Neb., Haberdasher Ben Sherman advertised that his “I Like Ike” neckties, regularly priced at $1.59, are now $3.

The Bare Facts. In Mays Landing, N.J., Dr. Isley Boone, ex-president of the American Sunbathing Association, termed nudism the only way to world peace, because “it would be difficult to tell which man was your enemy if soldiers wore no clothes.”

Refresher Course. In Ludlow, England, Postal Clerk Edward O’Sullivan was chosen to attend classes in the detection of forged money orders, returned to his office and forged £94 ($263) for himself.

Collector’s Item. In Wichita, Kans., six-year-old Leonard Niedens yanked out one of his baby teeth, hid it in his ear, told the specialist who removed it: “I put it there to save it. I liked that tooth.”

Rules of the Road. On Mt. Shasta,

Calif., Mountain Climber Dan O’Neill,

34, slipped & fell on the snowy slope,

escaped with only minor cuts and bruises

after a 40-m.p.h. head-first slide of nearly

a mile, because “I kept my head, used my

oes as brakes and steered with my forearms.”

Wages of Sin. In Liberty, Ky., the

Casey County News advertised: “To the

person who is so destitute as to be forced

to take two lengths of garden hose and

a sprinkler from the lawn of the First

Christian Church—If you will call at the

master’s study, he will give you.the five—ear guarantee for the hose, your dinner,

nd any religion that may rub off on you.”

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