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The Press: Satisfaction

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After looking over the Republican and Democratic candidates, some of the strongest pro-Ike papers in the U.S. this week decided that two good men are running for the presidency. Stevenson, said the New York Times, is a man “whose ability is undisputed. As a newspaper that is emphatically and enthusiastically in favor of General Eisenhower’s election . . . we can and do find satisfaction in the nomination of Governor Stevenson . . . [It] insures that . . . the campaign will be conducted on a decent and dignified level.”

Publisher William R. Hearst Jr., writing in twelve Sunday papers across the country, agreed. “I am sure,” wrote Bill Hearst, “that Governor Adlai Stevenson is a good man. Our Chicago newspaper, the Herald-American, says he has made a good governor. And Senator Sparkman seems to be a good Senator … In reaching our decision to support the Republican ticket, we are more concerned with principles than personalities.”

The New York Herald Tribune, the first big paper to come out strongly for Eisenhower, added its voice: “In nominating Adlai E. Stevenson the Democrats picked a strong candidate [who] has shown himself up to now moderate in his views and fair in his approach … A campaign between Dwight D. Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson should be one reflecting more credit on popular government than any this country has seen for several years . . . The Democrats have risen to the challenge of the Eisenhower candidacy and picked their best man for the race. [We] look with complete confidence to the people’s verdict in November.”

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