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FICTION: Best Sellers

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1—Curtain, Christie (1 last week)

2—Ragtime, Doctorow (2)

3—The Greek Treasure, Stone (3)

4—The Choirboys, Wambaugh (4)

5—In the Beginning, Potok (6)

6—Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Rossner (5)

7—Humboldt’s Gift, Bellow (8)

8—Shogun, Clavell (7)

9—Nightwork, Shaw (9)

10—The Eagle Has Landed, Higgins (10)


1—Bring On the Empty Horses, Niven (1)

2—The Relaxation Response, Benson (3)

3—Sylvia Porter’s Money Book, Porter (2)

4—The People’s Almanac, Wallechinsky & Wallace (7)

5—Power!, Korda (4)

6—Memoirs, Williams (6)

7—Angels, Graham (5)

8—The Age of Napoleon, Will & Ariel Durant

9—The New Yorker Album of Drawings

10—My Life, Meir (8)

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