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FICTION: Best Sellers

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1—Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Bach (1 last week)

2—August 1914, Solzhenitsyn (2)

3—Semi-Tough, Jenkins (3)

4—The Winds of War, Wouk (4)

5—On the Night of the Seventh Moon, Holt (6)

6—The Odessa File, Forsyth (5)

7—To Serve Them All My Days, Delderfield (7)

8—The Breast, Roth (8)

9—The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, Durham (10)

10—Captains and the Kings, Caldwell (9)


1—Supermoney, Smith (2)

2—I’m O.K., You’re O.K., Harris (1)

3—The Peter Prescription, Peter (4)

4—Eleanor: The Years Alone,Lash (3)

5—The Joy of Sex, Comfort (9)

6—Paris Was Yesterday 1925-1939, Flanner (10)

7—Open Marriage, Nena and George O’Neill (6)

8—A Nation of Strangers, Packard (7)

9—Luce and His Empire, Swanberg (8)

10—O Jerusalem!, Collins and Lapierre (5)

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