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Special Section: A Summary of the Nine Points

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1) The U.S. respects the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Viet Nam as recognized by the 1954 Geneva agreements.

2) Twenty-four hours after the signing of the agreement a cease-fire will take effect throughout South Viet Nam. The U.S. will stop all its military activities and end the bombing and mining in North Viet Nam. Within 60 days there will be a total withdrawal from South Viet Nam of U.S. and allied troops and military personnel. No troops, military personnel, armaments, munitions or war material for the Provisional Revolutionary Government (Viet Cong) or the Saigon government will be reintroduced into South Viet Nam, except for replacement of war material worn out or damaged after the ceasefire, and then only on a piece-for-piece basis. The U.S. will not continue its military involvement or intervene in the “internal affairs” of South Viet Nam.

3) All captured and detained personnel of the parties will be returned simultaneously with the U.S. troop withdrawal—that is, within 60 days.

4) The South Vietnamese people will decide their own political future through “genuinely free and democratic general elections under international supervision.” The U.S. will not impose a “pro-American regime in Saigon” or commit itself to “any personality or political tendency.” General elections will be organized by an administrative organization called the National Council of National Reconciliation and Concord, composed of three equal segments (the Saigon government, the P.R.G. and neutralist groups). Saigon and the P.R.G. will hold talks to reduce and demobilize their forces and “sign an agreement on the internal matters of South Viet Nam”—if possible, within three months after the ceasefire. The National Council will “promote the implementation” of their agreements.

5) “The reunification of Viet Nam shall be carried out step by step through peaceful means.”

6) To supervise the agreement, a four-party military commission (consisting of North Viet Nam, the U.S., the P.R.G. and the Saigon government), and a joint military commission of the P.R.G. and the Saigon government will be formed, as well as an international commission of control. An international guarantee conference on Viet Nam will be convened within 30 days of the signing of the agreement.

7) All four parties will strictly respect the Cambodian and Laotian people’s “fundamental national rights as recognized by the 1954 Geneva agreements on Indochina and the 1962 Geneva agreements on Laos”—that is, their independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity. They will also respect the neutrality of Cambodia and Laos. Foreign countries will put an end to all military activities in Cambodia and Laos, and will “totally withdraw” and refrain from reintroducing arms.

8) The ending of the war “will create conditions for establishing a new, equal and mutually beneficial relationship” between North Viet Nam and the U.S. The U.S. will contribute “to healing the wounds of war and to reconstruction in North Viet Nam and throughout Indochina.”

9) The agreement will come into force as of its signing.

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