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Milestones, Mar. 8, 1937

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Engaged. Lieut. Pu Chieh, 31, younger brother of Emperor Kang Te of Manchukuo; and Hiroko Saga, 23, daughter of a Japanese noble; in Tokyo. Since the Emperor has no son, on Manchukuo’s fifth birthday last week Pu Chieh was proclaimed heir presumptive to “The Orchid Throne.”

Married. Glenn Foster (“Slats”) Hardin, 21, holder of the 400-metrer hurdles world record, twice (1932-36) Olympic champion; and Margaret Thelma Riddle, 22, daughter of a Louisiana State Representative; in Washington.

Married. David Swope, son of President Gerard Swope of General Electric Co.; and Sarah Porter Hunsaker, daughter of Aircraft Designer Jerome Clarke Hunsaker (Shenandoah, NC-4), onetime (1928-33) vice president of Goodyear-Zeppelin Co.; in Boston.

Died. Rene Revillon, 48, director of Paris’ Revillon Freres (furs), vice president of the Paris jewelry house of Louis Cartier whose daughter he married; in Manhattan.

Died. Everett Andrew Colson, 50, lean Yankee lawyer, loyal Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs & Minister of Finance in Ethiopia (1930-36) ; after two months’ illness; in Washington. Paid $9.000 a year and his living, Brain-Truster Colson shrewdly directed Emperor Haile Selassie’s appeals to the League of Nations against Italian invasion, after Addis Ababa had fallen went to Geneva to plead Ethiopia’s cause as the first U. S. citizen seated in the League as a foreign delegate.

Died. Sir Guy Standing, 63, versatile British actor; of heart disease; in Los Angeles. He commanded a destroyer in the War, was knighted for service with the British War Mission to the U. S. in 1918. A talented pianist and marine artist, he had not been well since a Black Widow spider bit him during the filming of Lives of a Bengal Lancer.

Died. Maude Odell, 65, actress who played psalm-singing Bessie Rice in Tobacco Road; of heart disease; in her Manhattan dressing room, during the play’s 1,392nd performance. Uninformed of her death until after the last curtain, Jeeter Lester (James Barton) and Ada (Ann Dere) ad-libbed ingeniously, spoke into the wings when addressing missing Sister Bessie.

Died. Admiral Henry Thomas Mayo, 79, U.S.N. retired, Wartime Commander in Chief of the Atlantic Fleet; of heart disease; at the Portsmouth, N. H. home of a son.

Died. Patrick Burns, 81, millionaire Alberta rancher, board chairman of P. Burns & Co., Ltd. (meatpackers) which he sold in 1928 for $15,000,000; in Calgary. In 1878 he tramped 160 miles from Winnipeg to Tanner’s Crossing where he staked out a homestead, sold his first two cows to the late railroad-builder Sir William Mackenzie.

Died. Jacob A. Brugh, 84, impoverished grandfather of Cinemactor Arlington Brugh (Robert Taylor); of old age; in Beatrice, Neb.

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