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Milestones: May 18, 1962

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Marriage Annulled. Ann Miller, 43, thrice-married Hollywood hoofer; and Oklahoma Oilman Arthur Cameron, 61, generous in three previous divorce settlements; in Santa Monica, Calif. Grounds: unspecified. Settlement: less than $1,000,000, not the $7,000,000 Ann demanded.

Divorced. By Pop Singer Rosemary Clooney, 33: Actor-Director José Ferrer, 50, after nine years of marriage, five children; in Santa Monica, Calif. Grounds: mental cruelty. Settlement: a monthly $1,500 for Rosemary, $300 for each child.

Divorced. By Pop Singer Dinah Shore, 45: Actor George Montgomery, 45; after 18 years of marriage, two children; in Santa Monica, Calif. Grounds: mental cruelty. Settlement: secret.

Died. Thomas A. Gilcrease, 72, Oklahoma oil mogul, a part Creek Indian who was allotted 160 acres of tribal land beneath which he found a bonanza, some $12 million of which he spent amassing a collection of Indian Americana, ranging from the art and annals of 45 tribes to Frontier Painters Frederic Remington and George Catlin’s best oils on the fading redskin, which he gave to the city of Tulsa; of a stroke; in Tulsa, Okla.

Died. Geremia Lunardelli, 77, coffee king of Brazil for 35 years, an Italian immigrant’s son who, though scarcely able to sign his name, carved out a domain of coffee plantations that stretched 300 miles inland from the Atlantic, became an arbiter of the Brazilian economy while spurning honors and titles, saying “I’m only a farm hand; it is the earth that should be decorated”; of a heart attack; in Sāo Paulo, Brazil.

Died. Eugene Speicher, 79, peerless U.S. portraitist, a robust, orderly New Yorker who imposed his own stamp of warm-hued repose—at its best in his pinky luminous nudes—on all his subjects from Katharine Cornell as Candida to country bumpkins; after a long illness; in Woodstock, N.Y., where in 1907 he founded an art colony with his close friend, Artist George Bellows.

Died. Hans Luther, 83, astute onetime Weimar Republic liberal statesman, a chubby Berliner who as Finance Minister halted chaotic post-World War I inflation and as Chancellor (1925-26) put Germany’s signature on the futile peace-seeking Locarno Pact, who agreed in 1933 to serve the Nazis as Ambassador to the U.S., was recalled in 1937 and lived quietly on his Bavarian farm until the Nazis finally fell; in DÜsseldorf.

Died. Frank Andrew Burrell, 95, oldest former major league baseball player in the U.S., a catcher who first used the snap throw from a home-plate crouch; of cancer; in Weymouth, Mass.

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