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GOODS & SERVICES: New Ideas, Apr. 11, 1955

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Glass-Fiber Pool. An oval glass-fiber swimming pool 3 to 5 ft. deep, 30 ft. long and 15 ft. wide has been put on the market by Los Angeles’ Paddock Pool Equipment Co. The pool is rust-and corrosion-proof, more resilient than conventional steel or masonry types, costs about 50% less. Installed price, including excavation and components (filter plant, color trim, concrete coping and walk): between $2,200 and $2,600, depending on the area and ease of installation.

Fast Count. A new electronic device that can count up to 1,000,000 objects of varying shapes and sizes in just one second has been developed by Du Mont Laboratories, Inc. of Clifton, N.J. The Inconumerator employs a cathode-ray tube to “see,” remember what it has counted, then announce the results as lighted figures on a tote board. Among its practical uses: counting blood cells, mass counting of assorted machine parts, tabulating stars in astronomical photos.

Big Picture. A simplified wide-screen lens for amateur photographers that increases by 50% the horizontal view of 8-and 16-mm. movie cameras has been put on sale by the Vistascope Corp. of New York. The special lens widens the camera’s “eye” without any distortion. Price: $75 (for an 8-mm. camera) to $125 (for the 16-mm. camera).

Rubber Stamp. Brooklyn’s Everprint Products, Inc. has put on sale a self-contained rubber stamp that carries its own ink supply good for 100,000 impressions. The padless stamp is available for standard purposes, e.g., “Paid,” “Special Delivery,” “Fragile,” but can also be custom-made for signatures. Price: $1 for stock stamps, $2 for custom stamps.

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