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Miscellany, Apr. 11, 1955

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Bar Sinister. In Buffalo,Wyo., Pat Behymer filed suit for $39,000 against Central Bar Owner W. M. Galt, claimed he suffered serious injury when his foot slipped off the brass rail.

Proper Climate. In Tulsa, the Jenkins appliance store filled its display windows with air conditioners, watched a blizzard drop temperatures from springlike warmth to a record low for the date, posted an abject apology: “Sorry for the change . . . We left one of those conditioners on over the weekend.”

Value Received. In London, after Eddie Hearn beat him on points in eight rounds, Heavyweight Boxer Fred Powell complained bitterly that he had signed for a ten-rounder, persuaded the referee to continue the fight, was knocked out in the tenth round.

Pie in the Sky. In Phoenix, Ariz., police arrested Jimmy Verdugo on suspicion of drunkenness after they found him in a tree and heard his explanation that he was 1) looking for cigarette butts, 2) waiting for a bus, 3) looking for a girl to dance with.

Brand Names. In Long Beach, Calif., a few hours after arresting I. W. Harper for drunkenness, police arrested Motorist Henry Ford for driving without a license.

Customer Follow-Up. In Fort Worth, Mrs. Marian Cooper, 22, reported that two years after she had interrupted the sales talk of an unidentified book salesman and driven him away by hitting him on the head with a rolling pin, he had returned, announced: “Well, I’ve come back,” hit Mrs. Cooper on the head with the same rolling pin.

For Art’s Sake. In Phenix City, Ala., after the producers of the movie The Phenix City Story announced that they were coming to town to film scenes of corruption from the city’s sinful past, County Sheriff Lamar Murphy scouted about, found that the state’s recent clean-up campaign (TIME, June 28) had left Phenix City clean as a whistle, hastily began importing all the gambling devices he could lay his hands on for movie scenery.

Overbite. In Atlanta, identified as the burglar who robbed the Fordham Pharmacy through the dental plate he dropped on the way out, Walter F. Cooper, 44, remarked disgustedly: “The thing never fit anyway; it was made for me while I was in prison in Missouri.”

Darkest California. In Los Angeles, Patrick C. Kimball reported that thieves had broken into his garage, departed with 20 poison-tipped darts, two 8-ft. blow-guns and a white man’s shrunken head valued at $500.

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