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Miscellany, Nov. 17, 1947

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Innovator. In Elizabeth, N.J., police charged imaginative John Pudlack with disorderly conduct after Helen Ciuba complained that he had thrown a doghouse at her while the dog was occupying it.

Law of Compensation. In Marksville, La., hundreds of little fish inexplicably fell from the sky on poultryless Thursday.

Lesson. In Leavenworth, Kans., a neighbor finally came to the rescue of Mrs. 0.P. Anderson, 85, who had climbed 20 ft. up a tree to pick pears, got stuck there for two hours.

Necessity. In Maywood, N.J., Mrs. Carol Kaufmann reported to police the disappearance of her husband and her car, begged them please to find the car.

Reformer. In Fairmont, Minn., James Stewart, who had made stiffer-fines-for-drunken-drivers an important issue in his campaign for justice of the peace, was fined the usual $100 for his own drunken driving.

Response. In Harrismith, South Africa, a torrential downpour washed out an open-air prayer meeting that had been called to pray for rain.

Handicraft. In Hebron, Neb., Bandit Gene (“Three Gun”) Howell carved his way out of the county jail with razor blades.

Tragedy, 1947. In Manchester, England, Sarah Kimpton just couldn’t wait to cook a precious beefsteak, took a big bite out of it raw, fell down-dead.

Special Assignment. In Cleveland, Policewoman Betty Anthony, who had not been getting her alimony checks for the past 20 months, finally found, arrested and personally hauled in her welshing ex-husband.

Ready for the Season. In Missoula, Mont., the U.S. Forestry Service gravely announced that a grizzly bear had broken into a cabin, sneaked off with a hunting knife, an ax, a box of cartridges.

Rejects. In Pittsburgh, Ronald L. Hale escaped an auto smash-up with slight injuries, one embarrassment: he was knocked right out of his pants. In Jerome, Idaho, David Detweiler, in an accidental brush with a potato-digging machine, suffered no injury at all but was picked clean of everything but his shoes & socks.

A Dog’s Life. In Marietta, Ga., jail officials sicked a pack of hounds on the trail of a couple of escaped prisoners, eventually found the crestfallen hounds tied to a tree. In Baltimore, William Ashby was charged with stealing a Doberman pinscher watchdog.

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