Dr. Esteban Valderrama, 47, directorof a Cuban art school, leading portrait painter of Havana, this winterwas commissioned by the Cuban Senate to paint a portrait of PresidentRoosevelt. A great admirer of President Roosevelt is thin, excitableDr. Valderrama. He hopes that when his portrait is hung in the Cuban Senateit.will be inscribed “President Franklin D. Roosevelt—Author ofthe Doctrine Good Neighbor.” Painter of many a Cuban notable, Dr.Valderrama has developed a theory that every man has his special color,thinks the color of heavy-featured Cuban President Laredo Bru is pálido(pale), the color of swarthy, hard-hitting Colonel Batista isblanco-rojo, or white-red. Last week Dr. Valderrama got his firstsitting at the White House. Working with a box of pastel crayons openbefore him while a Viennese etcher made pencil sketches and thePresident talked, smoked, worked over his papers, Artist Valderramastudied the President’s special color for an hour and fifteen minutes.Then he beamed, nodded, found the President “very good—verynatural.” When reporters asked him the color of PresidentRoosevelt: “Natural rose with a touch of fine grey,” repliedadmiring Dr. Valderrama.

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