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CUBA: Terrorists, Young & Old

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Terror-ridden Cuba found its tiniest terrorist last week when one Rafael Tocoronte, 13, was caught heaving a bomb in midtown Havana. To police he bragged that he had been planting bombs for several years, “to help the cause.” He proved it by producing a score of bombs freshly made in his home. The judge of one of the “urgency courts” President Carlos Mendieta has instituted to fight the Terror sentenced Moppet Rafael to six years in the juvenile penitentiary.

One noon last week Havana’s City Treasurer Segundo Curtis, who happens to be a leader of the Radical Revolutionary Party unalterably opposed to President Mendieta and Mayor Miguel Mariano Gomez, walked inconspicuously down the steps of the City Hall and away as if to lunch. Quarter of an hour later police in the corridors heard cries from the Treasury vault, rushed in to open it. Out popped the City cashier and three assistants with a tall tale.

Four bandits armed with machine guns, they said, had just walked in and tied them up, had grabbed $150,000 in U. S. money, ignored 1,000,000 in Cuban silver, shut them in the vault. To prove their story they demonstrated that the money had vanished. But the police had seen no suspicious characters coming or going. Mayor Gomez ordered the arrest of Treasurer Curtis, cashier, assistants.

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