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Nation: Disturbing Catalogue

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Among Republican presidential possibilities who insist that they are not candidates, Pennsylvania’s Governor William Scranton continues to impress.

Last week, in a speech to the Cincinnati Council on World Affairs, he issued one of the most effective criticisms to date of U.S. foreign policy under Democratic Administrations.

“Take a look at our nation in relation to other key countries of the free world,” Scranton said. “Today honest candor compels us to admit that in this relationship the political and economic position of the United States is in tumbling decline. There is a disturbing catalogue of failure and dissidence: “For six years our balance of payments has been in deficit.

“Our alliance system is still powerful, but alarming separatist tendencies threaten to dismantle its effectiveness.

“We are warned that changes of political power within the governments of our allies may weaken the NATO alliance still further.

“Among our sister republics to the South, economic unrest, the crackle of Communist subversion and a long-standing feeling of neglect combine to give grave concern in our hemisphere.

“In Southeast Asia, Viet Nam—a country whipsawed for a dozen years by savage internal warfare—is one more tragic reminder of the bruised political prestige of the United States, another discredit to our efforts to uphold the right of free nations to remain free.

“The relationships with our allies that evolved naturally following World War II are no longer accepted willingly.

While we once worked side by side to overcome the ruins of a war-torn world, relations have become increasingly fractious as many of our earlier hopes dissolve into despair.

“This steady deterioration of the political front threatens to unhinge American statecraft at precisely the time when jointly with our allies we could be making the greatest strides for freedom.

“American leadership must cease being swept along by the current of events and take the leading role. Let’s get on with the task. Let us restore American leadership as a corridor to greatness.”

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