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GOODS & SERVICES: New Ideas, Aug. 11, 1952

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Business Brain. In Brooklyn, the Electronic Computer Corp. offered a midget-sized (6 ft. by 10 ft.) electronic brain, the Elecom 100. The compact machine will answer such practical corporate problems as the overall wage bill, taxes, etc. Capable of “remembering” 102,400 combinations of nine decimal digits each, the brain can also be used for complicated aerodynamic problems. Elecom is run from a panel on an office desk, and the answers are recorded on an electric typewriter. Price: $62,500.

New Zest. Procter & Gamble began test sales of Zest, a soap which holds the dirt and grime in suspension in the water, doesn’t leave a ring around the bathtub. P. & G. claims Zest will produce suds even in salt water. Price: approximately 15¢ a cake.

Snug Socks. In New York City, Esquire Socks introduced one-size nylon Expand-O socks which it claims will fit any man’s feet. The nylon fiber is made by a secret process that gives it an elastic quality, permits the socks to expand evenly so that they do not cramp the feet. Price: $1.50 a pair.

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