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Religion: Soldier’s Grace

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In Italy on Thanksgiving Day, a group of U.S. soldiers prepared to romp into a turkey dinner. Suddenly one of them stood up. He was a 22-year-old veteran pilot. He said: “Gentlemen, since this is Thanksgiving I would like to say grace.” Everybody looked sheepish. Said a chaplain: “Lieutenant, I think that’s a fine idea.”

The soldier bowed his head, groped for words: “Dear God, we thank You for this food we are about to eat, for we know where there are thousands of men who cannot sit down to a meal like this today. Bless all our loved ones at home. Dear God, bless all the fighting men on all the fronts around the world—on both sides, because they all are fighting for what they believe is right. We ask these things in Christ’s name.”

Said the chaplain: “Thank you, Lieutenant, a fine grace.”

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