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Milestones, Dec. 13, 1943

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Married. Navy Lieut. Joseph Knefler Taussig Jr., 23, Annapolis ’41, holder of the Navy Cross (for Pearl Harbor valor), only son of outspoken Vice Admiral Taussig; and Betty Bostwick Carney, 23, daughter of Rear Admiral Robert Bostwick Carney; in Washington.

Married. Lieut. Hubert Prior (“Rudy”) Vallee, 43, Coast Guard Bandmaster, Sinatra of the ’20s; and Cinemactress Bette-Jane Greer, 19, almond-eyed ex-cover girl; he for the third time, she for the first; seven years after his divorce from the late cinemactress Fay Webb; in Hollywood.

Married. Frances Rose Shore (synco-patress “Dinah Shore”), 26; and Signal Corps Corporal George Montgomery, 27, peacetime cinemactor (Bomber’s Moon), onetime Montana cowboy; each for the first time; in Las Vegas, Nev.

Sued for Divorce. By Ruth Mitchell, fiftyish, “blood-brother” of Yugoslavia’s guerrilla leader Draja Mihailovich, sister of the late aerophile General William (“Billy”) Mitchell: Stanley Knowles, British schoolmaster, her second husband; after 18 years of marriage, eleven of separation; in Reno.

Divorced. By Cinemactress, “Veronica Lake” (Constance Keane Detlie), 24: Major John Stewart Detlie, 34, peacetime Hollywood art director; three years after their marriage (for each the first); in Hollywood. She charged that he called her an “unfit mother,” added to her grief over the death last July of their premature second child. She won custody of their two-year-old daughter Elaine for nine months each year, and $50 a month.

Died. Elizabeth Monica Dashwood (“E. M. Delafield”), 52, witty British novelist ; in Cullompton, Devonshire, England. Sharp-faced, French-blooded daughter of Welsh gentry, she wrote nearly a score of books before she brewed the slightly bitter tea talk of her best-selling Diary of a Provincial Lady and its three popular sequels.

Died. Emelyan Yaroslavsky, 65, highest pontiff of atheism, since 1927 president of Soviet Russia’s bezbojniki (“League of the Militant Godless”); in Moscow. The bushy-haired Communist in 1939 figured that 30,000,000 of the Soviet Union’s 170,500,000 non-souls were still believers. His hobbies were his children and his garden.

Died. Bertha Knight Landes, 75, first woman mayor of a major U.S. city (Seattle, 1926-28); in Ann Arbor, Mich. Wife of a professor, mother of two, vigorous Mrs. Landes became “wide-open” Seattle’s mayor at 58. She made its trolley lines pay for the first time in ten years, made life miserable for pimps and bookies.

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