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GERMANY: Heathen & Hitler

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The return of War-great General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff from the obscurity of a suspect crackbrain to official sanity just as sound as any other German’s nowadays, and also to official greatness, was accomplished last week by Adolf Hitler. He and Ludendorff conspired together for the Munich “Beer Hall Putsch” of 1923, marching down the street at the head of their henchmen toward Power— they hoped. When police began shooting to disrupt the putsch, they carefully did not aim at Hero Ludendorff who walked through their fusillade iron-faced, nor was Herr Hitler shot. Knowing that the police would aim at him well and truly, he dropped to his knees and skedaddled away to become Dictator another day. This ending of the putsch gave General Ludendorff an opinion of his fellow conspirator which made him in later years haughtily refuse to accept at the Fuhrer’s hands “any military title that I have not won on the field of battle.”

Thus matters have stood, with General and Frau Ludendorff penning and printing tracts against the Jews and especially against Christians, their piety being reserved for Germany’s “Old Gods” such as Wotan. Last week Dictator Hitler sat down and talked with General Ludendorff. They talked for two hours and next day the whole Nazi press erupted with joy, quoting such wise sayings of the General as : “I am not only an opponent of Christianity but really anti-Christian and a heathen, and I am proud of it! At this moment we Germans have almost freed ourselves from the teachings of Christianity.”

Officially Hitler, “The Leader,” accorded to Ludendorff a title the General has yearned for all these years, that of “The Field Lord” (Der Feldherr). Thus Herr Hitler made it official that during the War not Hindenburg but Ludendorff was, at General Staff Headquarters, the big shot. Reverently last week the Nazi press an nounced: “The Field Lord Ludendorff will use his surpassing knowledge and capabilities unreservedly and passionately for The Leader’s work of Liberation. The Field Lord Ludendorff acknowledges The Lead er’s political achievements fully and com pletely, and after long years of searching and considerationtinds inner contact with the Nazi “

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