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The D.A.’s Office: Week after Cinemactor Errol Flynn was charged with raping a 17-year-old Betty, up spoke a nightclub dancing Peggy, who said she was also 17 and, casting her mind back two years to a yachting party, believed she too had been raped by Flynn. In Hollywood’s reminiscent imaginations the affair Flynn began to assume the proportions of a first-class local disaster—of the career-wrecking variety that once turned Roscoe (“Fatty”) Arbuckle into a has-been. In Hollywood a new million-dollar Flynn picture (Desperate Journey) was booed. Warner Bros, worried: on hand are two more whopping potential liabilities: $1,000,000 worth of Gentleman Jim and $1,000,000 of Edge of Darkness (Hollywood “wits” last week reported that the title of Gentleman Jim was to be changed to merely Jim—a report Warner Bros. denied.) The harried actor, who faces a preliminary hearing of both cases this week, quit work at his studio, announced he felt rather sick, headed wearily for home. Next day his furnace exploded, blew a plumber through the cellar door, blew up some $5,000 worth of Flynn diggings. And even escape into the anonymity of the Army is impossible: Flynn has “athlete’s heart.”

Civil Court: To court against Hillsborough Township, N.J. went blonde, gangling Richest-Girl-in-the-World Doris Duke Cromwell. In the midst of a fight over the township’s delirious attempt to collect some $14,000,000 in personal taxes from her, Miss Duke announced she would sue the township for “many thousands of dollars” for the trouble they gave her. Sued in Manhattan for an eight-year-old hotel bill was Pola Negri, imperious siren of the silents, who used to do her ogling all tangled up in jewels, ermine and general fabulousness (see cut). Now she said she had been living on the “charity of friends.”

Domestic Relations Bureau: Ava Gardner, 19-year-old actress wife of Mickey Rooney since January, dropped her divorce suit, announced things were going to be patched up. From Rooney, still home with mother, came silence.

Jugged-Celebrity-of-the-Week: lithe, blonde Cinemactress Frances Farmer, arrested for drunken driving. At the station house she demurely gave her age as 15. The officer made it 29 (correct). She told police: “You bore me.” The bored police made no published retort.

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