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BATTLE OF RUSSIA: Fenimore Cooper Stories.

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There were signs last week that the Red Army was already preparing a winter offensive. Behind the German lines, on the Moscow front, guerrillas got busily to work. German reports described guerrilla activities as “fantastic exploits, comparable only to Fenimore Cooper’s wilder stories.”

The Germans sent storm troopers into a village to punish its residents for not reporting for compulsory labor. A gallows was built. When dawn came, three German officers, one the commander, dangled from the crossbeam. Guerrillas had attacked during the night.

Many guerrillas are Red Army soldiers who have filtered singly or in groups through the German lines. Often they maintain communications with their own commanders by air. Planes bring them supplies. At night their wounded are taken back to the Russian lines.

Every day thousands of parcels addressed “For the guerrillas” arrive in Moscow. Collective farmers of Siberia recently sent 4,000 packages. Each contained kitbag, leather boots, raincoat, tobacco, knives, compass. From the remote Arctic island of Novaya Zemlya came parcels of furs and dried fish.

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