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The New Order Starts

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Donald Nelson’s new high command last week took charge. While one of WPB’s new vice chairmen, Ferdinand Eberstadt, set out to make sense out of the distribution of materials the other new vice chairman, General Electric’s Charles Edward Wilson, called the first of the biweekly meetings, whose object is to substitute cooperation for acrimony in the relations between WPB and the departments whose job it is to supply.

All peaceably around one table Wilson assembled with himself Maritime Commission’s tough, sea-legged Rear Admiral Howard Leroy Vickery, Army’s driving SOS chief. Lieut. General Brehon Burke Somervell, Navy Procurement’s amiable Vice Admiral Samuel Murray Robinson, Army Air Corps Material’s young Major General Oliver P. Echols. The gathering was heartening to look at. The results remained to be seen.

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