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Foreign News: Prestige in Spam

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No doubts were left now. Those who still stubbornly believed that Franco’s Spain could be a friend to the United Nations had only to read last week’s communique of the new Spanish Cabinet (TIME, Sept. 14). It was the same old crowd reshuffled.

Out of Mein Kampf, with a flavor of more eloquent language, was the Cabinet’s first public pronouncement. It reaffirmed the “antiCommunist character and the imperatives of the New European Order.” It also reaffirmed Spain’s “historical solidarity” with Portugal and the South American nations. Blandly the new communique commented on “the good condition of our treasury … the vast execution of a public-works program . . . important work realized in the field of social and labor policy.”

For those Spaniards who might not admit such improvements, the Cabinet promised: “The most severe discipline . . . cutting short all attempts at agitation or dissension and punishing inexorably any act of violence contrary to the strength and prestige of the State.”

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