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Foreign News: Unfair to Quisling

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Bombers broke cloud over the Skagerrak and came in 100 feet above Oslo in the brilliant sunshine. R.A.F. bombardiers sighted the University building where, two years to a day after he became head of Norway’s Nazis, Premier Vidkun Quisling was haranguing a Nasjonal Samling (Nazi) Party rally on “The New Order in Norway,” pleading for an army of 5,000 Norwegians to fight with the Germans on the eastern front.

When the bombs whistled down Norwegians waved from housetops, burned Nazi Party papers and literature, fought in the streets, set buildings afire, sang the King’s Hymn and the national anthem.

Next day Premier Quisling, less at ease than when canoeing (see cut), screamed that the bombs which showered death and plaster on his Party rally came from “murder planes.” The Norwegians laughed harshly. From eyewitnesses the story spread all over Norway and Europe that in the dash for the air-raid cellar, lo, Vidkun Quisling led all the rest.

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