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U.S. At War: Takcihashi’s Blacks

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They found Elijah Mohammed, alias Muck-Muhd the Prophet, alias Poole, leader of the Temple of Islam, rolled up in a rug under his mother’s bed. They locked up Stokley Delmar Hart, president of the Brotherhood of Liberty for the Black People of America. They arrested F. H. Hammurabi Robb, director of the World Wide Friends of Africa. And they pinched Mme. Mittie Maud Lena Gordon, president general of the Peace Movement of Ethiopia.

All told FBI rounded up 84 Negroes in Chicago, four in Manhattan, with more to come in other northern and midwestern cities—cultist-puppets who, FBI believes, are jerked by the Japs to stir up racial trouble. Last week FBI began arraigning them on charges of sedition, pro-Japanese activities, draft dodging.

Startling claims poured from the jailed leaders. Mme. Mittie Maud said she had four million followers, all taught that they are citizens of Liberia, hence not subject to Selective Service. Elijah Muck-Muhd’s faithful knew themselves for Moslems, excused from the draft by direction of Allah in the person of his prophet, Muck-Muhd. Hammurabi’s disciples learned they were members of a Jap army within the U.S., that Negro hopes of betterment depended upon Jap victory. All of them, according to an FBI spokesman, had lavish and expensive costumes, plenty of money. The twoscore black Jap puppets had been set up in a dozen cities by members of Japan’s fanatical Black Dragon Society. Actually they had at most 50,000 followers at the time of Pearl Harbor, many less today. The ramified Japanese financing since 1930 had been mainly handled by a Major Satakata Takahashi of Imperial Japanese Intelligence, who began spreading cash and the two-race doctrine: one white, the other black, brown, yellow red. At first a handful of U.S. blacks may have dreamed their yellow brothers would make them masters of U.S. whites. Later, FBI believes, racketeering took control. Typical Takahashi mumbo jumbo:

“Leave the sinking ship of Western civilization. It had reached its end: the Pacific. Beyond lies your friend: Japan, the lifeboat of racial love, made radiant by the star of the East, the Rising Sun.”

While gullibles rolled their eyes, responsible Negroes hoped such claptrap would not find fertile soil. Said Mr. U. S. Falls, vice president of the National Negro Business League: “America need have no fear of the Negro turning traitor if the true principles of democracy are applied to us as to every other minority group.”

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