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Transport: Bury on Buying

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For every customer who buys a new car this year, two will buy used cars. For the guidance of these a voice of experience from Philadelphia, that of 40-year-old Dealer Martin H. Bury, last week expounded the why, where, when, what, how and how much of used car buying in a 44-page, 25¢ booklet published by his firm, Bury & Holman, Inc.

With the reminder that “there are no bargains in used cars,” only savings because of consumed mileage, Preceptor Bury advises used car buyers to: 1) buy from a reputable dealer with service facilities; 2) buy in the winter—prices are lower and good winter cars are usually better summer cars; 3) buy standard makes.

A few of Mr. Bury’s warnings: 1) beware of worn upholstery; the innards may be worse; 2) don’t believe speedometer mileage, look at the pedal wear; 3) a new paint job sometimes covers a multitude of sins.

In the course of his research, Dealer Bury made a lexicon of used-carese.


Jalopy (junky used car).

Baloney (tires worn smooth).

Jaloney (a jalopy sold with baloney).

Hop toad (prospect who visits all the dealers, inspects, tries cars out, but never buys).

Orphan (a car no longer manufactured).

Tomato (stolen car).

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