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Foreign News: Eighth Try

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The Spanish war front burst into sudden activity last week when a powerfully reinforced Rightist Army moved forward against the Leftist-held Ebro River salient. It was the eighth in a series of costly Rightist attempts to regain the narrow, mountainous strip of land west of the Ebro taken by the Leftists in late July. Long ago the salient ceased to have much strategic value. Committed to retaking it, however, Generalissimo Francisco Franco sent general after general to drive the Leftists back across the river, is estimated to have spent the lives of 70,000 men there since early August. By week’s end the Generalissimo had been at least half successful. The Rightists had reached the Ebro River bank along an eight-mile stretch formerly held by their enemy and the Leftist holdings had been reduced to a tiny circle around the main bridgehead at Mora de Ebro.

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