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While President Roosevelt and others tried to help the Jews last week (see p. 10), actual help was brought by Miss Dorothy Thompson (Mrs. Sinclair Lewis) to the Jew most nearly concerned, 17-year-old Herschel Grynszpan. Neither he nor anyone else denies that he shot and killed in the German Embassy at Paris, after asking to see the Ambassador, Third Secretary Ernst vom Rath.

After radiorating a “Help Grynszpan!” appeal, which she addressed exclusively to Aryans, Miss Thompson had received at latest reports more than $20,000 in voluntary contributions, and was busy at an office she had opened on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan.

If Grynszpan is saved from the guillotine it will make Clarence Darrow’s snatching of Leopold and Loeb from the gallows seem like a successfully pleaded traffic case. However, Miss Thompson was able, with $10.000 (213.000 francs) in hand, to hire the Clarence Darrow of the Paris bar, the great Maitre Vincent de Moro-Giafferri, a fiery Paris-born Corsican who in the Herriot Cabinet of 1926 was Lender Secretary on Technical Instruction.

Maitre Moro-Giafferri has won many famous French criminal cases. His most celebrated defense, although it failed, was that of “the French Bluebeard,” Henri Desire Landru, accused of butchering ten women and a boy. The defense arguments in this case are still regarded by members of the Paris bar as tops in technical perfection and legal virtuosity. Landru was guillotined February 15, 1922.

French juridical experts said this week they did not see how Grynszpan can escape the death penalty in France, except by commutation of sentence or pardon, unless he can be extradited to some other country. He is a Polish citizen and if extradited to that rather anti-Semite country would undoubtedly fare worse than in France. For President Albert Lebrun to pardon the assassin or commute a death sentence on Herschel Grynszpan to life imprisonment would be to provoke openly Adolf Hitler, who would also be provoked by any attempt to prove the assassin insane. Thus far all Grynszpan’s statements have been perfectly coherent admissions that he killed voni Rath for perfectly obvious reasons which might inspire any of the thousands of refugees from Naziland who are now in desperate straits in France.

Assassin Grynszpan, further grilled by detectives of the French Surete Generate last week in efforts to find out whether he had accomplices, sobbed over & over: “My motive was love of the Jewish people!” (see below).

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