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If anything in U. S. railroading could be considered permanent, it would be the dingy red freight caboose with its tiny cupola perched on top like the tin can or Happy Hooligan’s head. Last week, however, the caboose also yielded to the progressive redesigning which is revolutionizing U. S. trains.

The caboose is where the freight train crew travels. Its cupola was created for two brakemen, one on each side, not to watch for hoboes, but to see that the long line of swaying cars functions properly. Higher cars have lately obstructed the view, forced brakemen to crane far out.Last week, on its ninetieth anniversary the 11,000-mi. Chicago, Milwaukee. St Paul & Pacific R. R. became the first in the U. S. to begin rebuilding all its 700 cabooses. The Milwaukee is cutting away the cupolas, installing baywindows on each side instead, so trainmen can loll on comfortable cushions while looking ahead. Caboose interiors are being renovated with seats replacing hard benches. The outsides are being painted a snappy black & aluminum.

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