SPAIN: Q.b.s.p.

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On the plea of blonde, admirably curved Edith Rogers Dahl, Generalissimo Francisco Franco four years ago reprieved her check-bouncing, pilot-of-fortune husband, Harold (“Whitey”) Dahl, from the death sentence passed on him for flying for the Loyalists. Overcome by her tear-jerking letter, her eye-filling photo, the General wrote her promising to spare her husband, signed his letter with the polite Spanish Q.b.s.p.—”who kisses your feet.”

Last week stanchly Catholic Caudillo Franco learned to his chagrin that he had kissed an unwed foot. Dahl, now an instructor for the Royal Canadian Air Force, had married again, reporting himself unmarried. Miss Rogers, who greeted Dahl with limited affection when he returned from Spain last year, admitted that the Mexican civil ceremony he once went through with her was, for some reason, no legal marriage.

At a Salt Lake City vaudeville house where she was billed as “The Blonde Who Spiked the Guns of General Franco’s Firing Squad,” Miss Rogers commented: “I knew the lid was going to blow off this thing some day. . . . I’m the best damned woman violinist in show business, and I don’t need Dahl to sell a violin solo.”

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