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EGYPT-RUSSIA: Beautiful Bay Ridge

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While the Shah of Iran continued to smolder over the “Elkton Outrage” committed by two Maryland constables last year, other Marylanders were pleasantly amused last week by the doings of Egyptian Minister Mohamed Amine Youssef Bey and Soviet Ambassador Comrade Alexander Antonovich Troyanovsky at Bay Ridge beach on the Chesapeake.

“It reminds me of the beautiful Russian Crimea,” Comrade Troyanovsky told Bay Ridgers. “It reminds me,” cried Minister Youssef, “of Rås el-Barr beach in Egypt at the mouth of the Nile. The shallow water suits me because I don’t swim, although I like to float. Don’t call me ‘Excellency’ or use my title ‘Bey.’ Just call me Mr. Youssef.” Bay Ridgers soon discovered that Ambassador Troyanovsky serves tea and tinfoil wrapped Soviet candies to almost any caller, that Minister Youssef, although a teetotaler, is good for a Scotch and soda while he vividly describes how he founded the Egyptian consumer co-operatives and forced down food costs for the masses by as much as 40%.

“My pajamas, they are from the Lido— in Italy, you know!” confided Mr. Youssef. “Where you American men make a mistake is in letting the women of your country wear comfortable pajamas wheneverthey wish but never permitting yourselves the comfort of the same easy, cool clothing.” With Mrs. Youssef now traveling in Egypt and Mrs. Troyanovsky motoring in California, the two diplomatic summer bachelors last week decorously played bridge. “I don’t fish because I haven’t the patience,” explained Comrade Troyanovsky. “I enjoy crabbing because there you catch something!”

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