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Foreign News: Emergency’s End

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Silently in Buckingham Palace the King-Emperor drew a sheet of parchment toward him, dipped pen and signed “George R. I.” beneath a proclamation canceling last week the September “Crisis” Proclamation under which the Royal Navy was put under partial, later full mobilization. The new proclamation proclaimed: “His Majesty, by and with the advice of his Privy Council, doth hereby declare that a case of emergency no longer exists.”

On the Channel steamer going over to France last week Prime Minister & Mrs. Chamberlain and Foreign Secretary & Lady Halifax had a thoroughgoing tossing about. On deck Mr. Chamberlain nearly did a split and the long lean Foreign Secretary got a buffeting (see cut). The diplomatic traveling companions had an easier trip back two days later, the day the King signed his parchment. It was, of course, the Prime Minister who “advised” the Sovereign to demobilize the Fleet. His Majesty did so presumably because Mr. Chamberlain was satisfied, after talking in Paris with Premier Edouard Daladier (see p. 21), that this European emergency had ended. Officially this week, H. M.’s Government announced that Chamberlain & Halifax “plan” to visit Benito Mussolini in January 1939, unofficially that Halifax may go with the King to Canada in the spring.

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