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Foreign News: Saved?

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With over $30,000 collected by Dorothy Thompson at his disposal, 17-year-old Herschel Grynszpan, already an object of world sympathy, last week found his Paris jail cell a mecca for top-flight criminal lawyers. The Corsican showman of the Paris bar, Maitre Vincent de Moro-Giafferri, boomed: “I have agreed to defend this youth on international and humane grounds!” The no less great Maitre Henry Torres and six other Maitres joined up to make a defense team of eight.

Grynszpan was being held under two charges: the capital crime of murdering the German Embassy Third Secretary Ernst vom Rath; and the technical but grave charge of having remained in France in defiance of an order issued to expel him from the country as an undesirable alien some time before his crime. Previous Paris dispatches saying he would likely be guillotined for the murder were superseded by guesses that he would be let off without hard labor.

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