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Foreign News: Unifier

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Appointed last week to the newly created post of unifier of the Communist Party’s Press Section and the Soviet Union’s Propaganda & Agitation Department was Andrei Alexandrovich Zhdanov, 42. Comrade Zhdanov, noted for his purging zeal, during the past year has been one of Boss Stalin’s two top assistants in the Communist Party’s secretariat.

The Soviet Union has put increasing emphasis on provoking a proletarian revolution in other, preferably neighboring, countries. “Internationalism is inseparable from patriotism!” last week screamed Komsomolskaya Pravda, newsorgan of the Young Communist League. “The extermination of the capitalist environment is possible only as a result of a victorious proletarian revolution in at least several countries.”

But before another 24 hours had passed, five of the principal executives of the Young Communist League had been ousted. Next day Komsomolskaya Pravda, under changed editorial direction, was explaining that the League’s former leaders had been indifferent toward the welfare of good Young Communists but had protected “inveterate drunkards,” “double-dealers,” even those who were “morally corrupt.” The net of this seemed to be that the exuberant Youth paper had taken a little too enthusiastically the Dictator’s plump for World Revolution two weeks before. With Unifier Zhdanov on the job, the Party press and the Government propaganda agency will get a better idea of what each other is up to.

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