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Until last week one hope of the harried Czechs was that after Germany annexed Sudetenland all Sudeten Nazis would stay in German territory with their Fuhrer Konrad Henlein, thus ending the Sudeten Nazi Party’s activities within the Czechoslovak State. Last week in Prague up popped Sudeten Nazi No. 3, Ernst Kundt, who was Führer Henlein’s mouthpiece in the now-adjourned Czechoslovak National Assembly. Confident that the mutilated republic does not dare talk back to Greater Germany, Nazi Kundt announced that he and seven other former Sudeten parliamentary representatives would stay in Czechoslovakia “to promote the welfare of the German minority.”

To dress their status with respectability, the eight Nazis formed a parliamentary “Club of German National Socialist Deputies and Senators of Czechoslovakia.” Its announced aims: to promote peaceful relationships between persons of German blood remaining within the republic and to develop “understanding” between Germans, Czechs, Slovaks and Ruthenians. Its probable aim: to keep the Sudeten Nazi caldron bubbling as long as it is useful to Adolf Hitler.

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