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Sport: Who Won, Mar. 7, 1938

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¶Eton-trained, 26-year-old Robert Grant III, Manhattan stockbroker: the U. S. amateur racquets championship for the second year in a row, trouncing Joseph Richard Leonard of Tuxedo, N. Y. in straight games in the final, 15-6, 15-8, 15-4; in Manhattan. In two years of stiff competition, during which he has won the U.S. and Canadian Singles twice, the Tuxedo Gold Racquet tournament twice and the brand-new open competition for the Clarence Pell Cup, Champion Grant has not lost a match, has lost only four games.

¶John Stuart Martin, vacationing TIME editor: the New York Rod & Gun Editors’ annual award for the No. 1 angling exploit of 1937. Angler Martin’s feat: bringing to gaff an 821-lb. tuna (new North American record), after a 4¾-hour struggle during which his efforts at times seemed as discouraging as trying to “tickle a locomotive in the tender.”

¶Glenn Cunningham: the 1,500-metre run of the National A.A.U. track championships; in 3 min. 48.4 sec., setting a new indoor world’s record; in Manhattan.

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