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Miscellany, Apr. 13, 1936

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In Chicago, held up by a gunman, Street Car Conductor Thomas Gough said, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Don’t you know this is Lent?” The man blinked, ran away.


In Oshkosh, Wis., Mrs. John Putzer, 41-year-old wife of a WPA worker, gave birth to her sixth pair of twins, won a pair of beds from a local cinemansion which had offered one bed to the mother of the first baby born after the opening of The Country Doctor. Said fruitful Mrs. Putzer, mother of 17: “We never pick names now until we know how many we’re going to need.”


In Oakland, Calif., newshawks discovered Negro Jack Dempsey Washington Tyler, “scientific sewer cleaner and turtle trainer.” Jack Dempsey Washington Tyler’s trained turtles will gothrough anything in order to reach a pinch of powdered flies. He hitches them to a small metal plow, sends them through clogged drains.


In Los Angeles, the City Council rejected an ordinance proposed by Councilman G. Vernon Bennett making it a misdemeanor for “two or more men or boys 14 years of age or over to ogle women in public places.” City Attorney Ray Cheseboro promptly denounced the measure, pointed out its discriminatory illegality in protecting women from men, leaving men unprotected from women. Furthermore, said he, the anti-ogling ordinance “could not be enforced, due to the virtual impossibility of getting a jury of men who have not themselves ogled at one time or another.”


In Los Angeles was probated the will of John Downing, who, after bequeathing his wife $2,500, had scrawled: “Nov. 1, 1930. This will is null and void by I, John Davis Downing.

“April 20, 1934. This will is O. K. I was mad Nov. 1, 1930.”


In Irvington, N. J., a bolt of lightning neatly split a bed on which lay William Gaylor, 19, and Jack Fitzsimmons, 6, burned a pair of bedroom slippers, took a closet door off its hinges, slipped into the bathroom and tore off all the fixtures, rambled around the kitchen and broke all the dishes, dropped into the basement, smashed the electric metre, grounded.


In Sequoia National Park, CCC Worker Ray Williams, working for $36 a month, opened his pay envelope and found a check for $250,000.22. Explained relief officials: “Bookkeeping error.”

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